Aqua Screen Normal Type .,Blå 120 cm

ADA Aqua Screen is a vinyl screen sheet to be attached on the back of the Cube Garden or other aquarium. Please select your preferred color according to your aquarium layout image or interior design. These Aqua Screens add a professional finish to your aquascape and allow you to expereiment with different styles and effects. The Aqua Screen can easily be removed without causing any damage to your aquarium. Aqua Screens are very popular with entrants to the IAPLC (The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest) - see some of the entries in the 2011 IAPLC Booklet. Non-translucent Normal type is available in black, blue and green. Translucent Clear type is available in blue or green. Sizes: 60-P: 61x37cm 90-P:91x46cm 120-P: 121x46cm
Aqua Screen Normal Type .,Blå 120 cm

kr 299,00

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